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side-release-buckle-12-pk   12 pk, 1/2 curved, side release buckle
side-release-buckle-6-pk   6 pk, 1/2 curved, side release buckle
ADBB   Adjustable duck band bracelets, many styles to choose from
ADBN-3B   Adjustable duck band necklace, many styles to choose from
CAPB   Adjustable paracord bracelets
BDH   Banded Duck Hauler
PHBM   Banded Mallard, Para-Hemp bracelet
PHBN   Banded Mallard, Parahemp lanyard Necklace
BH-3DB   Big Honker, three duck band bracelet
BWS   Bow Wrist Sling
HQBLDC   Bully leather dog collar, duck and goose bands
paracord-100   Buy 100' of paracord
paracord   Buy 25' of paracord
paracord-   Buy 50' of paracord
CHCP   Canadian Honker Combo Pack
CDSL   Coyote Drag / Slip Leads
DorTt-B   Deer or Turkey Track para cord bracelet
DTTLL   Dog to the line, dog lead
DBSB   Duck band survival bracelet
SB-1DB   Duck band survival bracelet, many styles to choose from
GB-SB   Goose Band Survival Bracelet
HDCL   Heavy duty Call Lanyard with duck & goose bands
HLWD   HQB banded hoodie, built in lanyard.
HQBKV   HQB banded knit visor, $100 green reward duck band
HQBV   HQB Banded Visor, $100 green reward duck band
HQB-LK   HQB Lanyard King
HQB-LDCL   HQB Lite Duty Call Lanyard
PCDC   HQB Para Cord Dog Collar, duck and goose bands
KfobL   Key fob lanyard, duck and goose bands
LCD   Lanyard call drops
SLSCN   Lanyard style choker necklace
LSCN   Lanyard style choker necklace, many styles to choose from
HQBLB   Leather belt, duck and goose bands
HQBDL   Para cord Dog Leash, duck bands
PH-DBB   Para-Hemp™ Bracelet
PH-DBN   Para-Hemp™ Lanyard style duck band necklace
CFP   Puppy collars
PHMDCL   Rear view mirror bling, mini call lanyard with distressed duck band
SBN   Simply banded paracord necklace
SGNB   Snow Goose Combo pack
TCB-DBP   The Cry Baby, duck band pacifier
TLPHN   Thin line parahemp duck band necklace
SB-3DB   Three duck band survival bracelet
WFKC   Waterfowl Key Chains
WCL   Wrist Call Lanyard

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