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Honk Quack Bang's Top Paracord Survival Uses

At Honk Quack Bang, we use 550 paracord - the 550 means that one strand of paracord is rated to 550 pounds! It is a versatile, elastic, and lightweight nylon rope that can have just as many uses as duct tape! And because it's synthetic it won't ever decay. 

Each and every one of Honk Quack Bang's paracord products can be dis-assembled in an emergency situation. Here are a few simple ways to make the most of our paracord products if you end up in a bad situation. You are only limited by your imagination!

1.) Medical UseTourniquet, sling, splint, make a stretcher, sew a wound with the interior threads.

2.) Shelter - Tie up branches, hang a tarp, complete a make shift camp, general tie downs, clothes line.

3.) Hunting - Use for a bow string, set a snare, craft a primitive weapon.

4.) Fishing - Tie up logs to make a raft, secure your raft, make fishing lures, use inner strands for fishing line, stringer for your fish, and with patience make a net.

5.) Random uses - Trip wire, trail marker, shoelaces, makeshift belt, pulley system, dental floss, make a hammock, rope ladder, prisoner restraint, and more - that's just a start!

-We are sure you can think of more-