Honk Quack Bang.  The Original Duck Band Paracord Jewelry
Our company was established in 2007, born from a simple idea from the brother-Sister team of Bryan Baker and Angie Hay. Bryan is an avid waterfowl hunter and Angie’s passion is crappie fishing. Born and raised in the small town of Miami, Oklahoma, in the far northeastern corner of the state, we are your everyday, down-to-earth Okie family. We were raised hunting, fishing, and church on Sundays.
We’re crazy about waterfowl bands. If you’re anything like us, you love and treasure your bird bands. We wanted to wear our duck and goose bands year round, but not on hunting lanyards … too many strange looks, and we didn’t want to take a chance on damaging or losing them. So, Bryan took a few goose bands off his lanyard, flattened them out, and attached them to his favorite leather belt. It is one good looking belt, very unique and eye catching. A light bulb appeared over our heads. There are probably a lot of other folks out there that would like to wear “Bird bling” too (without jeopardizing their own bands). It just looks too flipping cool, so Bryan and I started tinkering around in our father’s race shop, “Russell Baker Racing Engines,” attaching leg bands to all sorts of things: hats, dog collars, picture frames, and ta da ... Baker Band Wear L.L.C. was born. Our product line is Honk! Quack! Bang!® a trademark of our company. The Duck and Goose bands we use on our products are replicas of the originals that were recovered and reported by Bryan. We have a “Band Reference Search” on our web sites where customers can look up the numbers on their Honk Quack Bang products and learn the history of the birds the leg bands originally came off of.
Wear that Bird Bling!
May your hunts be prosperous and your stories close to the truth.