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Banded Mallard Bracelet Call lanyard, six drops 550 para cord dog leash
Banded Mallard, Para-Hemp bracelet
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Our Price: $10.99
HQB Lanyard King
Our Price: $24.99

Para cord Dog Leash, duck bands
Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days
Our Price: $29.99


Banded Mallard Para-Hemp™ bracelet, made using half Para cord & half hemp. Para cord for its strength and color, hemp for its softness and pliability. The two center stripes, kelly green & neon orange along with the distressed duck band define this bracelet as The Banded Mallard. Quick release closure

Lanyard is made from 550-paracord, round braid style, perfect for holding and displaying your duck & goose bands. It has a total of six drops, four are adjustable.

Dog leash made of 550 para cord, for gun & duck hunting dogs. Leash is available with or without duck bands. Perfect for airing out or training your hunting dog. A 1"welded ring is braided into the leash handle, it allows you to hook the leash end to end, throw over your shoulder or use to tote gear. Rot and mildew resistant.  Don't forget to check out our dog & puppy collars for your gun or duck hunting dog.  Made in the USA

Goose Band Bracelet Banded lite duty call lanyard Banded Duck Hauler
Goose Band Survival Bracelet
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Our Price: $9.99

HQB Lite Duty Call Lanyard
Our Price: $21.99

Banded Duck Hauler
Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days
Our Price: $16.99

Goose Band Survival Bracelet, distressed goose band braided into bracelet.  Cobra braid or double knot braid.  Made in the USA

Call lanyard is 550-Para cord, round braid, perfect for holding and displaying your duck & goose bands.  There are five adjustable drops, one of them being a whistle drop.  Quality made in the USA. 

Banded duck hauler, eight welded d-rings make up the dead drops.  Flat paracord braid is very comfortable worn over the shoulder or around the neck. D-ring braided into strap.  The two distressed duck bands keep the drops from swinging and tangling.  Haul ducks, geese, pigeons.